YOU can pass with QUALITY driving lessons from Sam´s Driving School
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Give yourself the best chance of passing your driving test 1ST TIME Service Provided - Normal Driving Lessons and CRASH COURSES

Why learn with us?

You’ve got your provisional driving licence and are ready to start learning to drive.

You may have already heard of Sam´s Driving Schools´ reputation and are on this site to get in touch in which case, Great!, we look forward to speaking with you. You may, however, just be looking around to find a suitable driving instructor and comparing from various websites.

Aren´t all instructors the same?

If this is the case, you will be wandering what makes one driving instructor better than another, after all, professional driving instructors are registered with the DVSA so surely they’re all similarly qualified so it’s just a matter of choosing the cheapest? Well, like any service or product, the answer to this is a resounding ‘No’!

Although all legally operating driving instructors are approved by the DVSA to provide driving lessons on a professional basis, they are ‘ranked’ according tho their skill, knowledge and training technique.

This is not just based on the time they have been training and experience does not always improve pass rates and there are many factors that are being judged when an instructor is being tested.

By taking your driving lessons with Sams Driving School you will be learning with a driving instructor who has extensive experience and a pass rate to prove it! Our knowledge and training techniques result in our pupils requiring fewer lessons to reach or exceed test standard and this will save you both time AND money.


Even the most nervous Learner drivers quickly find themselves gaining confidence behind the wheel and picking up the skills required.

As an independent driving school, run by Sam and Steve, we provide high quality of training with lessons tailored to suit the individual pupil so you can be taught at the best pace to suit you and in a calm and patient manner.

As week as quality driving lessons, you will have hazard perception & theory test help and advice available as well as access to the best theory test preparation tool "THEORY TEST PROFESSIONAL" at a minor one off fee of just £10.

Once you have passed your test you will also be able take advantage of our Pass Plus lessons, Refresher or Motorway lessons to further improve on your skills and confidence. Check out our lesson prices for special offers.

• DSA registered & Approved Instructor

• Full hour lessons and CRASH COURSES available!

• No car sharing

• Theory test preparation

We look forward to speak with you soon.


Introductory First hr ..£15.00
Stnd rates from ..£23.00

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